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Mental Health First Aid USA- 10 Ways to Take Action: Day 5

Day 5 is a suggestion to go to to find a class to become certified. The more you know the better to mental well-being for you or your loved one. Honestly, I have tried to do this for myself and have not been successful in finding a local class or a virtual one. But, for the September Symposium two presentations present my yours truly were complied with the official manual from Mental Health First Aid USA. So although not the same as becoming certified, if you haven’t seen my self-guided presentations-Mental Health First Aid USA and Mental Health First Aide Suicide Prevention go to the Symposium page and check them out. The information is all geared to towards learning how to help in the event of a mental health crisis and to identify signs and symptoms of mental health disorders. Knowledge is power. Have a Great Day Active Minds!!!

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